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Thanks to the financial contribution of the Fondazione CR Firenze (Laboratori culturali-Scienza in archivio), the Library of the Museo Galileo has carried out a project of preservation and digitization of archival materials related to the following three collections:

[ARMU] - Archive of the Royal Museum of physics and natural history of Florence, 1780-1879
[ARSI] - Congresses of Italian scientists archive, 1839-1862
[MSA] - Archive of the Museum of Ancient Instruments of Astronomy and Physics in Florence, [post 1864] -1954

Minor conservation interventions (removal of metal clips and pins; dry cleaning; paper consolidation and conservation in case of tears or perforations caused by inks; sewing repairs of quires and files; paper covers’ consolidation etc.) mostly concerned the ARSI archival fond, while the two ARSI and MSA fonds and a selection of the ARMU records were stored in custom-made boxes, folders and envelopes.

The digitization included approximately 60 records of the fonds MSA and ARMU, the latter belonging to the series "Cataloghi e inventari" and "Copialettere", which are now accessible online through the collective database and the Archive.

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