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[inserire alt immagine]On 21 June, from 3:30 to 5:30 pm, on the occasion of Make Music Day and the summer solstice, a dialogue between music and science will echo in the museum’s halls.

The students of quartet, harp, guitar and Renaissance and Baroque vocal music of the Luigi Cherubini Music Conservatory in Florence will perform a musical repertoire in accordance with the exhibition itinerary. Some instruments from the museum's acoustic collection, usually stored, will also be exhibited, such as Edison's phonograph and the rare and imposing “talking trumpet” dating back to the 17th century.

"Il Museo Galileo Suona" is part of a broader project dedicated to the relationship between science and music, which includes not only research programs but also dissemination activities aimed at raising awareness among the community and the younger generations on the close link that bonds philosophy and music and science. Music has always been part of the history of our museum. Galileo's father, Vincenzo, was an important music theorist and composer, and Galileo himself gave a very important contribution to research on sounds. Various tools from the museum collections also testify to the significance of the concept of harmony and concord from ancient times to the modern age.

The participation is free of charge and included in the admission ticket to the museum.