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Giorgio RosterStarting from July 22, 2021, Forte Inglese in Portoferraio will host the exhibition L’Elba di Giorgio Roster. La trasformazione del paesaggio tra Otto e Novecento negli scatti dello scienziato fotografo ("The Island of Elba by Giorgio Roster. The transformation of the landscape between the 19th and 20th centuries in the scientist’s photographs”), which will be open to the public until 22 July 2022.

Giorgio Roster (1843-1927) was a doctor, professor and hygienist, as well as a leading figure in 19th-century scientific culture. His photographic collections - that he used as a primary support to his studies - are of particular interest.

The exhibition at the Forte Inglese offers an opportunity to explore the landscape changes through Roster’s photographs, which are not just representations of nature and environment but also constitute a scientific instrument in the hands of an experimental scientist.

Thanks to the collaboration with Museo Galileo, which has long been involved in studies and research on Roster, the exhibition is enriched with a large thematic digital library, which virtually collects the scientist's enormous documentary heritage.