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Sala Tecnologia Antica MANNMuseo Galileo has signed an agreement with the National Archaeological Museum of Naples (MANN) for the construction of the Ancient Technology Room, a permanent space dedicated to scientific and technical know-how in the Roman world, that will be open to the public in October 2022.
As a result of the collaboration between the MANN and Museo Galileo, this room demonstrates the abilities ancient people had in building and using tools and machines to carry out seemingly impossible challenges: oil and wine presses, cranes, wheels hydraulics, millstones, tools and technical apparatuses were in fact used successfully in the 1st century AD.
The exhibition itinerary, which includes archaeological findings, reconstructions and video animations, is curated by Giovanni Di Pasquale (Museo Galileo) and Laura Forte (MANN). Projected on a large screen alongside the reconstruction of each machine, the 3D animations produced by Museo Galileo will tell the principles that govern the functioning of machines and devices and the reasons why those technologies were introduced.

The agreement signed between the two museums includes, in addition to the scientific curatorship for the preparation of the Ancient Technology Room, two research lines: one will highlight the fundamental issues in the field of the history of science and techniques within the permanent exhibition of the MANN, while the other aims to relocate the objects on display in the Ancient Technology Room in their original contexts, thus reconstructing a 'cross-section' of the technical professions in the Roman world during the 1st century AD.