n.2 / March 8, 2012

Come to Museo Galileo from March 28th onwards and Discover our New Interactive Area!
The inauguration of the Interactive Area will be held at the end of this month. The new area consists of three rooms devoted to the tangible and virtual exploration of some Galilean instruments. Here visitors can understand the experimental component of the research conducted by Galileo, an indispensable topic in a museum devoted to the great Tuscan scientist.

Never Before Seen: Instruments from Warehouse

Small balance for weighing precious stones. Mounted on a brass base with three feet, one of which is fitted with a leveling screw...

Book Reviews on the History of Science
Looking Back in the Year 1512

Lorenzo della Volpaia (1446-1512)
An architect, goldsmith, mathematician, and - above all - clockmaker, Lorenzo founded a Florentine dynasty of clockmakers and scientific-instrument makers that notably included his sons Camillo (1484-1560), Benvenuto (1486-1532), and Eufrosino (late 15th C. - 16th C.), as well as his nephew Girolamo (c. 1530-1614). He also participated in the competition for the façade of Santa Maria del Fiore. As clockmaker, he gained fame and honor with the construction of the Orologio dei Pianeti [Planetary Clock]...

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