n.3 / May 3, 2012

Online the new virtual exhibition "Giorgio Roster: scientist and photographer"
Beyond his work as a doctor, professor and hygienist, Giorgio Roster (1843-1927) cultivated many interests and deepened studies of mineralogy and botany. In the vast scientific production Roster of particular interest to its photographic collections, which used it as essential to support the study.

Never Before Seen: Instruments from Warehouse

Compound microscope with no lenses (was designed for two). The upper part screws into the lower part to vary the inter-lens distance.

Book Reviews on the History of Science
Looking Back (In the Year 1812)

Filippo Pacini (1812-1883)
Trained at the School of Medicine and Surgery of Pistoia. In 1835, while still a student, he submitted a major paper to the Società Medico-Fisica Fiorentina announcing the discovery of the digital-nerve corpuscles that now bear his name.

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