n.9 / June 27, 2013

Archimedes: The Art and Science of Invention (Rome, 31/05/2013-12/01/2014)
Although Archimedes is a leading figure of the universal culture there has never been an exhibition on him. Now, this first exhibition in the prestigious venue of the Capitoline Museums presents the great man from Syracuse to the wider public, illustrating his extraordinary contribution to the growth of technical and scientific knowledge in Antiquity and the following centuries.

Never Before Seen: Instruments from Warehouse

This tiny solar quadrant, made of boxwood, is preserved with its leather case. The instrument was used to tell the time from the altitude of the Sun.

Book Reviews on the History of Science
Looking Back (In the Year 1613)

Chérubin d'Orléans (1613-1697)
A Capuchin father and distinguished physicist, Chérubin d'Orléans (François Lasséré) devoted himself to the study of optics and to vision-related problems, which he discussed...

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