n.16 / December 22, 2014

‘Cerca Trova’ (‘Look and Find’) at the Museo Galileo. Christmas Holidays 2014 - 2015
A good chance to spend a pleasant day at the Museo Galileo during the Christmas holidays! Thanks to particular clues, games and rhymes, adults and children will have fun finding out curiosities and untold details about the wonderful instruments belonging to the museum’s collections.

Never Before Seen: Instruments from Warehouse

This balance, now damaged and incomplete, probably belonged to the chemistry cabinet of Grand Duke Peter Leopold....

Book Reviews on the History of Science
Looking Back (In the Year 1814)

Joseph Malliard (1748-1814)
Joseph Malliard, or Maliar, a cutler, made a series of surgical instruments for Giovanni Alessandro Brambilla (1728-1800)...

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