n.18 / June 3, 2015

A new digital exhibition by Museo Galileo on the Google Cultural Institute
The section dedicated to Museo Galileo on the Google Cultural Institute has now been enriched with a new digital exhibition Galileo and Space Exploration, curated by Sara Bonechi. The exhibition, which is available both in Italian and English, is a compendium of the observations and celestial discoveries made by the Tuscan scientist.

Never Before Seen: Instruments from Warehouse

This medal is part of Aperlo Collection, thus-called from the name of the person who collected and classified not only medical and scientific medals but also commemorative coins of conventions...

Book Reviews on the History of Science
Looking Back (In the Year 1815)

Marsilio Landriani (1751-1815)
Born into a Milanese patrician family, Landriani was appointed Regius Professor of Physics at the Ginnasio [College] of Brera in 1776. In 1775, he published Ricerche fisiche intorno alla salubrità dell'aria [Physical researches on the salubrity of air], one of the earliest examples of chemical analysis of atmospheric air undertaken in Italy...

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