Art bonus

Art bonus

Update of 01/05/2017

At the moment it is possible to support with donations the restoration of two books held in the Library of the Museo Galileo:

Pursuant to Article 1 of the "Art bonus" law, we give publicity of the donations received:
€ 4.898,30.
The money, received in December 2015, was destined to the restoration of 43 hand-colored geographical maps (86 c.) belonging to the volume: Gerardi Mercatoris Atlas, sive Cosmographicae meditationes de fabrica mundi et fabricati figura / primum a Gerardo Mercatore inchoatae, deinde a Iudoco Hondio piae memoriae ad finem perductae; iam vero multis in locis emendatae, et de novo in lucem editae. Editio decima. Amsterodam : sumptibus & typis aeneis Henrici Hondij, an.D. 1628.


The Museo Galileo is one of the subjects that can be recipients of donations pursuant to art. 38 of Law 342/2000.