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Museo Galileo app

Free guide to Museo Galileo for smartphones and tablets

Use the app to explore the entire Museo Galileo collection on your own device.

  • Descriptions of all objects on display.
  • Over 4 hours of videos showing how scientific instruments work and explaining the historical context in which they were designed and used.
  • 1.5 hours of audio commentaries.
  • 700 “in depth” pages of biographies and definitions of technical terms.

The app highlights a selection of about 80 instruments of special interest, but you can view the complete collection at any time.

To listen to the audio content you will need earbuds, on sale at the ticket office for €0.50. However, earbuds are not needed to view the text pages.

The app requires an Internet connection. Free WiFi is available in the Museum.

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Produced by the Museo Galileo

Concept and scientific coordination
Paolo Galluzzi

Texts for instrument descriptions
Ferdinando Abbri, Marco Beretta, Paola Bertucci, Paolo Brenni, Giuseppe Brusa, Filippo Camerota, Marco Ciardi, Gilberto Corbellini, Giovanni Di Pasquale, Loredana Franco, Paolo Galluzzi, Willem D. Hackmann, Anna Vittoria Laghi, Gerald L’E. Turner, Renato G. Mazzolini, Mara Miniati, Giuseppe Molesini, Luigi Pippa, Alberto Righini, Giorgio Strano, Albert Van Helden, Antonella Vannoni, Francesca Vannozzi

Adaptation of “Highlights” instrument descriptions
Filippo Camerota, Iolanda Rolfo, Jacopo Tonini

Texts and scripts for slide shows
Ferdinando Abbri, Giulio Barsanti, Marco Beretta, Walter Bernardi, Paolo Brenni, Massimo Bucciantini, Filippo Camerota, Stefano Casati, Marco Ciardi, Simone Contardi, Gilberto Corbellini, Paolo Del Santo, Giovanni Di Pasquale, Paolo Galluzzi, Anna Vittoria Laghi, Graziano Magrini, Mara Miniati, Giuseppe Molesini, Alberto Righini, Giorgio Strano, Federico Tognoni, Vladimiro Valerio, Antonella Vannoni, Francesca Vannozzi

Texts and scripts for animations
Paolo Brenni, Filippo Camerota, Paolo Del Santo, Paolo Galluzzi, Giorgio Strano, Carlo Triarico

Biographies and glossary
Ferdinando Abbri, Giovanna Baroncelli, Marco Beretta, Sara Bonechi, Paolo Brenni, Giuseppe Brusa, Massimo Bucciantini, Filippo Camerota, Michele Camerota, Marco Ciardi, Gilberto Corbellini, Paolo Del Santo, Giovanni Di Pasquale, Paolo Galluzzi, Isaia Iannaccone, Anna Vittoria Laghi, Graziano Magrini, Mara Miniati, Giuseppe Molesini, Luigi Pippa, Alberto Righini, Patrizia Ruffo, Giorgio Strano, Antonella Vannoni, Francesca Vannozzi

English translations
Jonathan Mandelbaum
with Ilaria Meliconi, Nick Wilding, and Catherine Frost

App project and development
Museo Galileo - Multimedia Department

Coordination: Jacopo Tonini
Project: Luisa Barattin, Leonardo Curioni, Elena Fani, Roberta Massaini, Iolanda Rolfo, Jacopo Tonini, Daniela Vespoli
Software development: Leonardo Curioni
HTML development: Roberta Massaini
Graphics: Roberta Massaini, Daniela Vespoli, Sara Zunino
Data management: Elena Fani
Data architecture: Marco Berni, Fabrizio Butini, Leonardo Curioni

Museo Galileo - Multimedia Department

3D: Luisa Barattin, Riccardo Braga, Andrea Braghiroli, Francesco Cocchi, Fabio Corica, Roberta Massaini, Monica Tassi
Slide shows: Silvia Paoli, Daniela Vespoli

Museo Galileo - Photographic Department

Coordination: Sabina Bernacchini
Iconographic Research: Franca Principe, Paola Scortecci
Photography: Sabina Bernacchini, Franca Principe, Giovanni Volante
Image preparation: Silvia Paoli, Daniela Vespoli

WiFi infrastructure
Fabrizio Butini, Gabriele Pratesi

Audio production
MP Communication

App control implementation and publication
Telemaco Srl

Elisa Bonaiuti, Stefano Casati, Susanna Cimmino, Giulia Fiorenzoli, Gianna Gheri, Alessandra Lenzi, Laura Manetti, Elena Montali, Camilla Rotoli, Angela Saviori, and the Museo Galileo Education Department.

Special thanks to all those who helped to prepare the Museo Galileo Multimedia Catalogue in 2004, particularly Graziano Magrini and Luisa Barattin, who coordinated the editorial work and the Multimedia Department respectively.