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Very nice museum nice work everyone should visit this museum at least once.

Himanshu Tyagi

Amazing museum, compact but dense. I did a lot of reading so I wish I had more time to do more. Definitely would recommend it.

John Mendes

I am from Greece and I have visited the Museo Galileo on 28.10.2015. This must be one of the best museums that I have ever visited. The scientific instruments are beautifully preserved and displayed in a very artistic manner, spaciously arranged and properly lit. There exist very clear and detailed explanations of the functionality of some of the many instruments given in the 3D animations in various multimedia displays strategically placed throughout the museum. The staff was friendly and the museum bookshop properly organized, although it would be very nice if they had miniature replicas of some of the astronomical instruments. A really nice experience!

Ioannis Kazlaris

I visited here on 9/12/15 when in Florence. I am a chemical engineer from USA. I found the exhibits the best I have seen anywhere in the world for two reasons: 1 - the individual pieces were not cluttered and well displayed and within hands reach. 2- the flat panel TV description graphics are the best I have seen anywhere for both clarity and simpleness of presentation.

Lowell Bowie

We visited in August 2014 and had a fantastic day out. The exhibits are artistically wonderful and of course scientifically amazing. Everyone is aware that Galileo was a genius but this museum shows the infinite scale of this man's intelligence. I wonder what he would make of the science world today? Beautiful place and a stunning city.

Saturday School Glasgow

Fascinating museum. Very good exhibits well presented. Only marred by the bad attitude of one rude member of reception staff who was clearly having a couple of off days. Terrible shame that is what we will remember most.

Christine Thompson

Visiting the Museo Galileo 29/08/13 was almost an afterthought and I'd never heard of it - I thought it would be narrowly focused around Galileo's work. What a surprise to find a world-class museum of the history of science from Ptolemy to the 19th century. I never thought I'd see this outside of London: a motor identical and contemporary to Faraday's invention of the first electric motor. Why is the Museo Galileo the awesomest place I'd never heard of? Because I'd never been to an actual science museum. Here we saw the history of science in a series of rooms which communicated coherent, linear stories. Science museums in the US often follow the "natural history" model. They show phenomena and connections, but fail to say much about the process of discovery. I only became aware of what was missing, when I found it at the Museo Galileo. This museum also trains future historians and publishes a journal - making it a primary repository of science history. What a delight to find it.

Stephen Rector

Wonderful place, so glad I made the visit, if any of you have a science background then it is a must see!


Our visit to the museum was one of the most memorable highlights of our trip. We all enjoyed it immensely, and I would very much like to thank Karen for being our guide. Our son cannot stop talking about the museum, and he is telling all his friends and their parents about it. For that matter, so are we. Again, it was wonderful and I thank you so much.

David Wurmser

Visited the museum in October 2012. It was very well organized and contained a fascinating array of material. Well worth your time while in Florence!

Gregory Truex

I haven't visited you yet, but I will. I just read a book named "Dying on the Vine" by Aaron Elkins. He did a masterful job of describing your museum that when I get to Italy I will go to your place. Especially I want to see Galileo's finger, but of I want to see everything else.

Susan Christensen

I love everything on this site...especially the videos of the scientific instruments and the Galileo game. I hope you have even more fun activities in the future!! :)

Melia Cooke

Visited here in Sep 2012, and was completely amazed at the extensive collection and full descriptions. Truly a learning experience

Albert Rabinovitch

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