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CFP_Art of MemoryThe art of memory, that encompasses techniques for memorization that have been passed down from classical culture, particularly within the context of rhetorical training, became an independent discipline during the Renaissance.
Paolo Rossi emphasized the importance of mnemonic knowledge in the development of modern science. The journal Galilaeana. Studies in Renaissance and Early Modern Science invites article proposals for a monograph issue on “The Art of Memory and the Sciences in the Early Modern Age”.
This Focus aims to broaden Rossi’s perspective by questioning the rise of experimental sciences and the mathematization of the world from a social and cognitive point of view. Proposals examining the uses of mnemonics by individuals engaged in natural-philosophical research, including cases of cross-fertilization between the sciences and the studia humanitatis, are welcome.

Submission deadlines: May 15th 2023 (abstract) | May 31st 2024 (article)

Call for abstracts