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[inserire alt immagine]Sunday 3 December, 3.00 p.m.
Sala Strozzi, via G. La Pira 4, Firenze – Museo di Geologia e Paleontologia

On the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Musei Welcome Firenze propose a talk dedicated to the theme of inclusive communication. Three experts will participate: Iacopo Melio, È facile parlare di disabilità (se sai davvero come farlo). La comunicazione giusta per un mondo inclusivo (2022) and Elisa Bortolini - Cristina Lavizzari, Comunicazione efficace inclusiva. Tecniche di conversazione e comunicazione assertiva quando si incontra la disabilità (2023).

This event is an opportunity to explore the topic of inclusive communication in the museum context with professionals in the field of communication and protection of human and civil rights, and is aimed at all those who wish to play their part in bringing about real social justice by becoming more aware of what is (and what is not) a truly inclusive language and attitude.

Welcome message
Maria Paola Monaco, delegated for inclusion and diversity by the University of Florence

Elisabetta Nardinocchi, Musei Welcome Firenze

Iacopo Melio, activist, journalist and politician (online participation)
Elisa Bortolini, journalist
Cristina Lavizzari, criminal lawyer (online participation)

Barbara Montecchi, Sistema Museale di Ateneo

The event, which will be in Italian, is free of charge and does not require booking.
It will be held in presence at Sala Strozzi, via G. La Pira 4, Florence - Museum of Geology and Palaeontology - SMA.
Live streaming on the Musei Welcome Firenze YouTube channel.
LIS (Italian Sign Language) interpretation service will be provided.

The meeting is part of the ‘Dialoghi attorno alla natura’ organised by the Sistema Museale di Ateneo.