Rossi collection


In June 2012 the Museo Galileo Library received as a donation the first part of the personal library - consisting of books and documents - of Paolo Rossi, one of the most distinguished historians of science and philosophy of the postwar period.

The archival material is gathered in about 60 folders containing scripts and notes in the fields of the history of philosophy and history of science, papers discussed at workshops and conferences, drafts, press proofs and preparatory texts for publications, documents related to his tenure and dissemination activity etc…

The book collection consists mainly of texts in the history of philosophy and history of science, but also includes volumes dealing with political, sociological and religious subjects. It is made up of about 4,500 modern monographs, approximately 5,000 items of a miscellaneous collection (abstracts, photocopies, typescripts etc.) and some hundreds of periodicals’ issues.

Thanks to the financial support of Regione Toscana, the first tranche of the Rossi collection has been entirely catalogued.

The second tranche, consisting of about 6,000 books and of the correspondence archive, was received in May 2017 and the catalogiung is still in progress.


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