A3 Locandina I Martedì 2°Ciclo di incontri 2023“Tuesdays at Museo Galileo” are a series of meetings on the history of science and technology intended for the general public. The first series—under the title “Science, Archaeology and History: Challenges between Past and Future”—has been held from September 20 to November 22, 2022. The second series was dedicated to the “Women Protagonists in Science.” Internationally renowned researchers and directors of some of the major Italian and European research centres in the fields of astrophysics, microbiorobotics and space economy discussed topical subjects. The most recent research conducted at the astrophysical observatories in Florence and Naples have been presented, as well as the major economic challenges to be faced on the path towards becoming “inhabitants” of the sky. Particular attention was paid to the fruitful dialogue between technology and nature that is making it possible to acquire new information about natural organisms and our planet. The conferences (in Italian) are available on the Museo Galileo’s YouTube channel.