Fashion and Science in Florence in the Age of Peter Leopold of Lorraine

Magnificent outfits recreating 18th-century patterns by skilled craftsmen, replicas of scientific instruments as well as antique books dealing with fashion and costume, strikingly recreate Florence atmosphere during the Lorraine Age. This novel union between science and fashion makes visitors regard the society of that time in a new way and discover unexpected relationships. The apparatus on display recall the keen interest of Grand Duke Peter Leopold of Lorraine (1747-1792) in science and didactics. They also bear witness to the evolution of weaving techniques: making first-rate fabrics cheaply and the use of measuring devices to create model dresses called for precise technical knowledge. Looms were continuously improved throughout the 18th century until the early 19th century, when the invention of the Jacquard loom revolutionized textile manufacturing.


Exhibition Dates

05.12.2009 – 05.03.2010 Florence, Biblioteca delle Oblate
16.04.2011 – 23.10.2011 Stia (Arezzo), Museo dell’Arte della Lana
  (Fashion and Science in Tuscany in the Age of Peter Leopold of Lorraine)


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