Scientific Instruments from Antique Florentine Collections

This exhibition features a significant selection of ancient scientific instruments which belonged to the Medici and the Lorraine families and now represent the main core of the Museo di Storia della Scienza collections. The Medici Collection features a choice of highly refined objects made by the greatest Tuscan, Italian and foreign makers – among which we count astrolabes, quadrants, sundials and nocturnal clocks, compasses, magnetic compasses and other nautical instruments, telescopes and devices for optical studies, as well as the Accademia del Cimento’s thermometers and experimental apparatus. Electrostatic, physical and mechanical instruments are displayed in the section dedicated to the Lorraine Collection. These instruments attest to Peter Leopold’s innovative concepts and his effort to spread scientific culture in Tuscany in the second half of the 18th century. The exhibition concluded with the display of an important collection of precious mechanical clocks.


Exhibition Dates

11.02.2009 – 29.10.2009 Florence, Museo di Storia della Scienza


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