Science beyond the bars

The Museo Galileo presented the project “Scienza oltre le sbarre” in 2016 on the occasion of the Festa della Toscana, which celebrates the abolition of the death penalty by the Grand Duke of Tuscany. The project is a collaborative between the Museum and some Tuscan penal institutions.

The initiative started with the Casa di Reclusione di Volterra. The educational program was targeted to prisoners attending the two high-schools inside the Casa di Reclusione and included key topics in the history of science—Galileo and his astronomical discoveries in particular—but also the life and work of the Grand Duke Peter Leopold of Lorraine, a historical figure of great importance for the changes he introduced with the 1786 penal code, which abolished the death penalty and stated the importance of a re-educative and corrective punishment.

“Scienza oltre le sbarre” then involved the Casa Circondariale di Sollicciano.