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F@Mu - La cultura abbatte i muri: l'invenzione di Louis Braille

(Culture breaks the Walls: the Invention of Louis Braille)

Sunday, October 8, 2017, at 11.00 a.m.


Within the Giornata Nazionale delle Famiglie al Museo (F@Mu) 2017, the Museo Galileo offers an educational activity that focuses on the history of Louis Braille, blind, who developed a tactile code, which allows blind people to read and write: conceived at first as a military code, it became an invention of great social utility.

Participants will approach the Braille code through sensory experiences and educational games and will have the opportunity to discover several scientific instruments in a different way.


The activity is for sighted and will be held in Italian. It is aimed at families with children over 7.

The cost for participation is included in the museum's entrance fee.

Reservations are recommended at +39 055 265311.