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Museo Galileo, with the collaboration of @CULT, took part in the project titled Museal Innovation - New ERgonomic Visit Approach (MINERV@), which led to the creation of a dataset according to the principles of the Linked Open Data (LOD).

The data which were converted in RDF – the data model for coding, exchanging and reusing metadata in a web environment – are those belonging to the Museo Galileo’s collective database, which includes the catalogue of instruments and machines displayed in the museum’s halls, the catalogue of the library, of the archive material and photo collections, the Italian bibliography of the history of science, and the Galilean bibliography.

As is known, the technologies of the semantic web and the LOD applied to historical and cultural materials allow to enhance and enlarge the information heritage, connecting it with different datasets and thus creating a basis for an open, shared and continually expanding knowledge.

Museo Galileo Dataset is accessible in Datahub (Open Knowledge Foundation) and in OpenData (Regione Toscana)