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Museo Galileo Closes the Gap

Museo Galileo proposes a new initiative geared to all Italian schools that have difficulty physically coming to the museum and participating in person in one of our didactic activities. The idea is to connect with one another live via internet with one of the museum's educators to experience the spectacle together.

The goal of this project is to spread throughout our country the historical, scientific testimony of the importance of the collection of original instruments kept within the Museum, via a type of interactive experience from afar.

The students will in fact be able to directly address their questions and enhance their curiosity of the subject directly with the educators that will present the instruments that are normally demonstrated to groups that visit the museum.

Through this initiative, which is at the moment in its experimental stage with schools from the islands of Favignana and Marettimo (Aegadian Islands), Museo Galileo desires to offer this service to other scholastic institutes that are penalized due to their isolated position by virtually "closing the gap" and rendering this to be a unique experience that is stimulating to all participants.

Schools interested in setting up a series of virtual acrivities can make arrangements by speaking directly with educators of the museum's didactic section by calling +39 055 265311.