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Summer breeze at the Museum June 20 – July 20, 2012

Six Florentine museums offer Unicoop members a rich program of activities for children and adults to encourage them to discover these museum collections with the help of expert guides.
Guided tours and thematic workshops will take place at Museo di Storia Naturale, Museo Fiorentino di Preistoria, Museo Galileo, Museo Marino Marini, Fondazione Scienza e Tecnica-Planetario and Museo della Casa Buonarroti.


The activities are reserved for Coop members and their families.
All visits and activities will be held in Italian.

Costs: No additional fee for activity. Reduced entrance fees apply to all participants for each of the museums.


Reservations required
Servizi Didattico Divulgativi
Tel. +39 055 2346760 (9 – 17, Monday through Friday)