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due letture

Sunday 11 February 2018, at 15.30
Museo Galileo, Conference Hall and Library

On Sunday 11 February, the Museo Galileo's library will become an 18th-century salon with scientific shows, musical entertainment and coffee tasting. Characters in magnificent epoch costumes will enliven the afternoon and visitors will be able to listen to short talks (in Italian) on botany and on the different extraction techniques of the world's most consumed beverage.

The music programme is conceived by Ginevra Tavani, a young student at the Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini in Florence who will perform violin works by Johann Sebastian Bach.


We would like to thank Lavazza for the coffee tasting, the Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini for the music program, the Politecnico di Torino for the scientific collaboration and the Bottega Filistrucchi for the wigs.

The event is part of the initiatives included in the Festa della Toscana 2017.