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Braille National Day 2018

The Museo Galileo celebrates its fourth National Braille Day (February 21) through a series of events that have been made possibile thanks to the collaboration of the University of Florence Natural History Museum, the Stamperia Braille of the Regione Toscana (Tuscan Braille Printery) and the Unione Italiana Ciechi e Ipovedenti (Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired).

Sunday, February 25, 2018
At 11.00 - University of Florence Natural History Museum, Anthropology and Ethnology Section, Via del Proconsolo 12.

Special museum visit for the blind (in Italian)
At 15.30 - Museo Galileo, Piazza dei Giudici 1.

Galileo e la Piera. An astronomical dialogue in the kitchen
A new theatrical action featuring Galileo and his housekeeper (in Italian). Reservation required: +39 055 265311. Priority will be given to blind visitors.

From February 21 to 25 the exhibition Tecniche e strumenti per la scrittura Braille (Braille Writing Techniques and Instruments), which had run at the Museo Galileo in the last years, illustrates through a tactile tour how the blind can access museums and engage with the works on display.

The exhibition displays Braille writing instruments and early-20th-century tactile books bearing witness to the activity of the Braille Printery in Florence, as well as the image molds used for the Braille guide book of the Museo Galileo.

The exhibition is enriched by 3D printed anatomic models from the museum collections.