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[inserire alt immagine]The Festival of Curiosity, Dublin’s annual international festival of science, arts, design and technology, has invited Museo Galileo to participate as one of the judges for the Inventor Award Competition.

The competition is open to children of all ages as a way to inspire them to build an invention using cardboard and recycled materials found around them inspired by the great Leonardo da Vinci. A series of tutorials on how to utilize cardboard will be presented in video format by the artist Lottie Smith to help you prepare and improve your engineering skills.

The winner will find themselves as an animated 3D puppet interacting with Leonardo da Vinci in The Inventor, a new stop-motion animated film written and directed by Oscar-nominated Disney/Pixar veteran Jim Capobianco (Ratatouille, The Lion King, Monsters Inc., etc.).

Due to the Covid-19 emergency, the 2020 Festival of Curiosity will all be online and free of charge to all participants. Click here for the full program (July 16th-19th).