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Liber AbbaciThe first complete critical edition of Liber Abbaci, by Leonardo Fibonacci, edited by Enrico Giusti assisted by Paolo d‘Alessandro, has been published by Olschki in the “Biblioteca di Nuncius” series.

The volume is the result of an impressive philological work that collects the nineteen manuscripts: a precious tool for a deepening of the figure of Leonardo Fibonacci and mathematics in the Middle Ages. 




GalileoCopernicoOlschki also published Galileo lettore di Copernico by Anna De Pace, in the series “Biblioteca di Galilaeana”, which highlights the relationship between the Tuscan scientist and Copernicus, whom he honoured as his “teacher”.

The volume features Galileo as a careful and scrupulous reader of De revolutionibus, that illustrates the principles underlying the new vision of nature and universe on the one hand, and the contradictions of the Copernican system on the other hand.