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Festa della Toscana news 2020On November 30, 1786 the introduction of a new penal code by the Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo of Lorraine made Tuscany the first State in the world to abolish capital punishment.
To celebrate the code by Pietro Leopoldo and to remember the importance of human rights, the Museo Galileo is participating in this 21st edition of Festa della Toscana, which is dedicated to the theme “La Toscana terra di libertà: dall’abolizione della pena di morte ai nuovi diritti” (Tuscany as a land of freedom: from the abolition of the death penalty to new human rights).
The initiatives proposed on this occasion are offered online due to the ongoing health emergency, and have been made thanks to the collaboration with the Archivio Storico del Comune di Firenze and Amnesty International.

VIDEO (in Italian) - Pietro Leopoldo: la nascita della Toscana moderna
Giulio M. Manetti, from the Archivio Storico del Comune di Firenze, historically frames the figure of the Tuscan Grand Duke and illustrates his fundamental reforms, which concerned not only the criminal sphere but also included a reorganization of the government system./p>

VIDEO (in Italian) Da Pietro Leopoldo ad Amnesty International
Riccardo Noury and Tina Marinari (Amnesty International Italia) provide a picture of the world current situation concerning human rights, focusing on countries and situations in which individual liberty is not guaranteed and underlining the importance of raising awareness about this issue.

VIDEO (in Italian) Una visita non improvvisa
Pietro Leopoldo is talking with a prior of the newly founded Comunità di Firenze.


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