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[inserire alt immagine]Paolo Galluzzi, Carlo Borghero, Stefano Caroti and Oreste Trabucco
present the book by Maurizio Torrini
Galileo nel tempo

Museo Galileo, Sala Righini Bonelli
Friday 19 November 2021, at 4.00 pm

Published by Olschki within the “Biblioteca di Galilaeana” series, the book draws together most of Maurizio Torrini‘s studies on Galileo. Not always easy to find, scattered in magazines, miscellaneous volumes and conference proceedings, they represent the teaching of one of the leading scholars of the scientific revolution, of the historical figure of Galileo, and of the changing ways in which Galileo and his thought have been interpreted through the centuries. These issues were the preferred subject matter of the author, who always sought to investigate the fundamental questions that characterise Italy’s history and culture.


The event will be held in Italian. Access only granted to Green Pass holders.
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The event will be also available in live streaming.