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Officine Galileo: 150 Years of History and Technology

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This exhibition has been organized to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Officine Galileo. It aims at outlining the history of a company that had a strong impact on the Florentine social and economic milieu and played a leading role in the history of science and technology in Florence. The exhibition is divided in three parts: from the workshop to the factory (1863-1914); the two world wars (1914-1945); and from the post-World War II period until today (1945-2014). It features over 60 instruments manufactured by Officine Galileo all throughout its lifetime, on loan from the Museo della Tecnologia “Adolfo Tiezzi”, the Museo FirST-Firenze Scienza e Tecnica, the Museo Galileo and from private collections. Also on display are diplomas, medals and historical pictures highlighting the manifold aspects of the company’s life and development. 


Exhibition Dates

13.06.2014 – 07.09.2014
Florence, Museo Galileo