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The library holdings include collections of manuscript resources that are significant both for the history of science in general and for that of Florence in particular. An important one is the Archive of the Royal Museum of physics and natural history of Florence, which is supplemented by the Fabbroni collection, pertaining to the institutional and research activity of Giovanni Fabbroni, the vice-director and then the director of the above mentioned Museum.

Also of note are the documents collected in the Meetings of Italian scientists archive (1839-1862) and those related to the 1st National exhibition of the history of science (1929).

The library also owns the Corsini collection (including the extensive correspondence of Andrea Corsini, the first director of the Institute of the history of science, today the Museo Galileo), many other small- and medium-sized collections and an interesting historical photo archive.

The database Archive describes collections and documents related to the history of science, even those which are not part of the library holdings. Noteworthy is the Galileian collection of the National central library of Florence and the Galileian documents housed at the State archive of Florence.

The cataloguing of the archival material is ongoing.

Short descriptions of some catalogued collections are searchable in SIUSA (Sistema informativo unificato per le soprintendenze archivistiche), within a special project devoted to the Tuscan personal archives between 19th and 20th centuries.

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